Puppy Application

Thank you for your interest in a puppy. Please complete the application below.
In most cases, applications will be responded to within 7 days excluding weekends. Please have patience and check your spam folder for my reply.

How were you referred to us? (if friend please provide in reference section)

Is someone available throughout the day to exercise a puppy?

Do you own your home, rent or reside with others?

If you rent, has your landlord agreed in writing to allow you to have a dog on the premises?

Is your residence rural, suburban or in the city?

Do you have a securely fenced yard?

Do you have a pool?

If yes, is it fenced in?

Does anyone in your family have allergies?

Is there someone in your family who does not want a dog or dislikes dogs?

Have you ever owned a Lagotto Romagnolo before?

Have you ever owned other breeds of dogs?

Are there any other dogs in residence in your family right now?

Do you have cats?

Do you have a regular veterinarian?

Are there likely to be any major changes in your lifestyle in the near future? (such as moving, pregnancy, care of an elderly relative etc.)

Do you plan on using a crate for your Puppy?

Which of the following activities are you interested in pursuing?

Which are you primarily interested in?

Will you accept a puppy of the opposite sex, if your first choice is not available?

Are you willing to wait until the next available litter should a puppy not be available from the most current litter?

Are you prepared to have a pet/companion Lagotto spayed/neutered?

Are you willing to attend a minimum of one set of obedience classes?

Are you willing to return the dog to the breeder should some unforeseen circumstance arise and you would no longer be able to keep the dog?

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