About Lagotti

Lagotti are affectionate, undemanding and devoted dogs. They make an excellent companion and enjoy being with their owners as they are very loyal and loving. They are a working dog, are easy to train, eager to please and do require sufficient exercise. Being intelligent it is important for their minds to be occupied and they do well at agility or obedience training, truffle search or any other job they are trained for. Obviously pups differ in the amount of working ability they inherit and therefore it is important that the pup’s particular temperament suits the lifestyle they are destined for. Some suit Urban-style living while others will be more suited to a family with an active lifestyle or as working Lagotto. Some may have an affinity for digging, some owners choose to provide a sandbox for this digging outlet. Some are very keen for swimming. Most Lagotti are also alerters. They may bark from anything like a coffee maker clicking on, to a doorbell, to a squirrel.

Lagotti may be aloof with strangers.

Whether working or playing, they have the ability to concentrate at the task at hand and are not easily distracted by other scents or animals.

This ancient Italian breed of duck retriever, also known as the Italian Truffle dog is a squarely built, small to medium sized, non shedding dog of rustic appearance. The coat is of a wooly texture rather rough on the surface forming very thick, ring shaped curls, with visible waterproof undercoat. Curls are evenly distributed all over body except on the head where the curls are less tight forming well-furnished eyebrows, whiskers and beard.

Solid off white, white with brown, white with orange, brown roan, solid brown (in different shades), brown with white and brown with tan. Pigmentation ranges from light to very dark brown. Solid black or black markings are an unacceptable colour. The colour of a Lagotto may change throughout their life, normally fading or graying from the colour they were as puppies. This may start during puppyhood, adolescence, or adulthood to varying degrees. This is completely normal and unpredictable. Some may fade slightly, or even not at all.

Dependable, Intelligent, Owner Oriented, Affectionate, Agile, Obedient, with an acute sense of smell and hearing.

The Lagotto are traditionally pack dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs and pets and are known to have a natural affinity with children.

First and foremost, all Lagotto need the companionship of human beings – this is their number one requirement. Those contemplating ownership of a Lagotto Romagnolo must note that this breed requires continued training and socialization from day one. They thrive on a routine, following the leadership of their human companion.

Lagotto are considered low shed, low dander. If you suffer from pet allergies, please reach out to arrange a meet & greet to see if you will react. In most cases, zero reactions are seen.

Lagotto, like any breed, require regular grooming. Shaving the coat as a puppy helps encourage those wonderful curls. Ideal coat length should not exceed 4cm. Many owners choose to keep their Lagotti coat short, but with regular maintenance, 1-4cm can be maintained. Nails should be trimmed every 4-6 weeks maximum, and ears cleaned and plucked (hair will grow in the ear canal) regularly for health reasons. Maintenance can be done at home, or at a groomer. Teach your puppy about grooming early and set them up for success! 

Males: 43-48 cm (17-19 inches), ideal height 46 cm (18 inches)

Females: 41-46 cm (16-18 inches), ideal height 43 cm (17 inches)

Males: 13-16 kg (28-35 lbs)

Females: 11-14 kg (24-31 lbs)

11-16 YEARS

The life span of the Lagotto is longer than many breeds. 11 – 13 years seems to be the average in Italy, with some living well into their middle teens.

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